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canterra-dinene-on-computerAt Canterra Dental, as your Calgary Downtown Dentist, we are pleased to offer you a full range of general dental services including cosmetic dentistry (including crowns & bridges), invisible braces (Invisalign) and teeth whitening for you to enhance your smile! At Canterra Dental we utilize the latest techniques in smile enhancement and tooth replacement.

canterra-digital-x-rayWe are pleased to offer our patients preventative digital technology including digital x-rays (which use up to 90% less radiation) as well as smile enhancement options such as Invisible Braces (Invisalign).

At Canterra Dental, as a Calgary Downtown Dentist we combine our passion for dentistry along with modern general dentistry so that each visit will be as relaxing and painless as possible.  So whether you just need a hygiene-periodontal teeth cleaning or a crown or a veneer, you will receive our full individualized care and personalized attention at each and every appointment.

At Canterra Dental we pride ourselves on providing on time appointments that are efficient and effective so that you can get on with your busy work day!

At Canterra Dental, we are committed to the following philosophies:

  1. That your smile is part of “who you are” and therefore your most important asset.
  2. That we have an obsession with helping our clients become healthy by maximizing their smile potential.
  3. That we acknowledge that the process of taking care of your health and creating your smile are of equal importance.
  4. That we will use Modern General Dentistry along with gentle dental care.
  5. That our own expectation of ourselves is that we will always exceed YOUR expectations.

So please join us in exploring how to maximize your dental/oral-health – and allowing us the pleasure of discovering your unrealized smile potential!

Canterra Dental is always accepting new patients!

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