Laser Cold Sores Treatment

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What Causes Cold Sores?

We know that Cold Sores can be painful and the resulting Herpetic Lesion can affect your self-confidence. At Canterra Dental, we are pleased to offer our patients the Denmat Sol Diode Laser to effectively treat their Cold Sore issues.

Cold sores are often referred to as fever blisters. As such, they clump together in small groups of blisters on and around the lip and mouth. The cause of these cold sores is the herpes simplex virus. Typically the herpes simplex virus enters the body either through a small break in the skin or directly from around or inside the mouth. The virus can then be spread from person to person when someone touches a cold sore or comes in contact with the infected fluid. This can occur from sharing food utensils, razors, or simply through kissing or touching that person’s saliva. Usually, a parent who has a cold sore spreads the virus infection to their child in this way.

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Why do we use a laser in treating cold sores?

  • Our Denmat Laser is high tech and affordable. It is often covered by most insurances.
  • We use the laser energy to destroy the virus causing the sore.
  • Relief from the pain can be immediately felt.
  • If treated immediately once the lip starts tingling, the sore can be prevented.
  • We can halt the progression of the herpetic lesion.
  • You can experience faster healing times.
  • The treatment takes just a few minutes and anesthesia is not required.
  • After laser treatment, cold sores can reoccur, but with less intensity and frequency in the same location.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Laser Dentistry for Cold Sore Treatment?

At Canterra Dental, we use lasers for everything from Cosmetic Dental Treatments to many General Dentistry procedures. Some of the more common uses of dental lasers in our practice are for the following procedures:

  • Periodontal Laser Therapy which includes Scaling and Root Planing
  • Relieve the pain from Fever Blisters or Cold Sores
  • Lasers can be used to fix your smile by shaping & contouring your gums
  • Remove Potential Oral Growths

As you can see, by using laser dentistry, this allows us to be more effective and faster at delivering you our general dental services. Since using a laser allows us to perform many procedures without the need for anesthetic, this typically results in less trauma experienced as well as reduced swelling by the patient. At Canterra Dental we are proud to offer our patient’s laser dentistry for most treatments.

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To learn more about Laser Cold Sores Treatment, Canterra Dental Centre is pleased to offer a consultation appointment with our dental team.

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