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Along with the dentist, our hygiene team is healthcare professionals who offer more than just teeth cleaning services. Our dental hygienists work as part of the Canterra Dental team, performing certain tasks that involve direct patient care.

A dental hygienist must obtain formal training and education before becoming registered. Generally, most jurisdictions require at least a two-year degree in dental hygiene, as well as a number of science-related courses as part of the program. Generally, a hygienist will have taken courses that provide a background in oral anatomy, pharmacology, nutrition, and periodontology. Perhaps the single most common group of tasks associated with the profession involves preventive dental care. Gum maintenance is often taken care of by the dental hygienist. Along with teeth cleanings, the hygienist often engages in root planing, and in educating the patient in general oral hygiene. One of the most common tasks a dental hygienist may be asked to perform is the administration of local anesthesia. The expanded range of responsibilities that a dental hygienist can provide as part of the dental clinic team often means patients are seen and treated more quickly than in times past.

Dental Hygienist Team | Canterra Dental Centre | Downtown Calgary | General and Family Dentist

RDH: Lyndsay

Andrea | RDH | Canterra Dental Centre | Downtown Calgary | General and Family Dentist

RDH: Andrea

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