Rehabs In La

Rehabs In La

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a substance abuse treatment program offered by drug rehab treatment centers in California. It is an alternative to the intensive inpatient program and allows patients to live outside the treatment center. However, they are expected to report at least three days a week for a few hours each day.

Is Partial Hospitalization for me?

It is difficult for a person struggling with an alcohol or drug abuse disorder to be objective about the level of care you need at an LA drug rehab. A mental health professional with the training and experience is a better predictor of the program that will result in the best outcome for you. You will undergo a formal medical evaluation when you arrive at the treatment center. Partial Hospitalization will apply to you if you are:

  • Struggling with work, school, or social obligations
  • Not a danger to yourself or others
  • In reasonable physical health
  • Living in a supportive environment at home
  • Willing to receive help for your addiction
  • Struggling with another mental illness or multi-drug use

What is Partial Hospitalization Like For Patients?

Drug and alcohol rehab campuses offer personalized treatment plans under the PHP program. This variability in care notwithstanding, the program's overall structure is consistent. A day starts with individual and group therapy and skills classes, with periodic evaluations to measure progress. If your condition requires medication, you will receive your prescriptions from a staff member. As the program goes on, your family will be involved, and it is necessary to include them as they will form the support system you will rely on to sustain your sobriety.

CBT and psychotherapy form the foundation of treatment. The best substance abuse treatment program combines these with art therapy, yoga, meditation, exercise, and mindfulness as additional modalities for comprehensive treatment.

Your engagement with the outside world will be limited for your hours working the program. You might not be allowed to leave or use your mobile devices unless for emergencies only. It is vital to keep you focused on the treatment.

You will receive a nutritious lunch on all your treatment days. Some top rehab centers of Los Angeles offer full-day meals, together with transportation to and from the facilities for the duration of the program.

The length of the partial hospitalization program varies depending on your progress. The minimum period is four weeks, but the program can run for several months until all problems are identified and resolved. Continuous evaluations will guide the care team on when to transfer you to outpatient treatment.

Finishing your partial hospitalization program does not imply that you have recovered. You might opt for an intensive outpatient program if you feel more work is needed or your attending doctors recommend it. Alternatively, you can join a sober house for a more controlled environment or community support groups to continue with group therapy sessions. The latter is essential to long-term recovery and will essentially form part of your lifelong quest for sobriety.

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Rehabs In La

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