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canterra-entranceCanterra Dental was founded by Dr. Dennis Leung and has been focused on providing general dental services to downtown Calgary patients since 2002. Since we are located close to Princess Island and Eau Claire Market, we are very conveniently accessible to those who work and live in the general vicinity.

canterra-new-patientsAt Canterra Dental we realize that while it is all about your smile, it is also about your overall oral health.We believe that your teeth are an integral part of your body and your overall health.  We also believe that your oral and dental health have a major impact on your overall health. That is why our primary goal is to examine the relationship between your oral health and the rest of your body – not just your teeth.

Dr. Leung especially enjoys cosmetic dentistry and giving people the beautiful natural smile that they have always wanted. He has grown the practice by constantly updating the practice, the customer service as well as upgrading his (and his team’s) training.

If you are an anxious patient, we also aim to help you feel completely at ease when you visit our clinic. We want to especially help you overcome any dental anxieties you may have as we realize that this is one of the greatest phobias that many people have and why they neglect their oral health.

Dr. Leung and his team would like to invite you to experience what modern dentistry – including Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry – has to offer you!

While we are able to offer you all the services of a General Dental Office, Dr. Leung and his team are pleased to offer such services as Invisalign (Invisible Braces), Teeth Whitening, as well Veneers and Restorative Crowns.

We invite you that if you have any questions about your dental health, dental anxiety, cosmetic options or have a financial question, please call us at (403) 237-6611 to discuss your needs.

Canterra Dental wants to be your general dentist!

Canterra Dental is always accepting new patients!

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