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orthodontic-featuredHygiene & Periodontal Dentistry is more than just Teeth Cleaning!

Did you know that Periodontal Disease is the most common disease in the world and the leading cause of tooth loss in adults? In fact, 75% of adults have some form of periodontal disease. Gums that are red and bleed easily, persistent bad breath, gums that are pulled away from the tooth, loose teeth – these are all signs of Periodontal Disease.

Whether you have healthy gums or are in a state of active periodontal disease, routine home maintenance including teeth cleaning, although very effective, only focuses on areas of the tooth that are above the gum line.

general-dentistryIt is only through regular scaling and root planing procedures that remove plaque, tartar and bacterial toxins from those hard to reach areas below the gum line that we are able to keep your gums healthy from top to bottom!

That is why at Canterra Dental we recommend visits twice yearly for maintenance/preventative care, unless your oral health status dictates you require more frequent visits.

Depending on your preventative treatment schedule, some visits may include:

  • taking x-rays to check bone levels (a good indicator of chronic gum and bone disease)
  • measuring the depth of periodontal pockets
  • checking for loose teeth or bleeding gums
  • removing plaque or tartar above and below the gum line
  • reviewing your home care techniques and their resulting effectiveness
  • oral cancer screening and checking the tissues of the head and neck

non-surgicalRegular periodontal and preventative maintenance visits help us break the stronghold of bacteria in your gums and slow or eliminate their destructive effects. As such, removal of tarter and bacteria are crucial to treating gingivitis, controlling periodontal disease and preventing tooth decay. How do we accomplish this?

We use lasers for hygiene therapy

Periowave is an effective, minimally invasive, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory treatment. It uses the powerful photo-disinfection reaction to inactivate the harmful bacteria and toxins that are left behind after scaling and root planing.

We use an ultrasonic scaler

An ultrasonic scaler consists of a wand with a small scaling tip that produces soft ultrasonic vibrations and a gentle flow of water. As the tip moves along the tooth surface, it creates small pulses that break up plaque, tartar and other debris.

The benefits of ultrasonic scaling

Ultrasonic scaling has proven to be very effective in removing large debris below the gum line in a very quick and efficient manner. Because of this, appointment times are shortened and patient comfort is improved. However, to ensure complete care, hand scaling is still always completed afterwards.

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