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Parking Instructions:

  1. Make sure you set up an account after you download the app
  2. Select the Devon tower Parkade
  3. Select 24 hours a day parking, not hourly
  4. Click Apply Promo code
  5. Enter promo code provided by the office (a new code will be required each time you park for free. Request from the front desk at Canterra Dental. Make sure you keep track of what codes you have used.)
  6. Check out and it will say cost $0.00
  7. A credit card must be added to your ParkChamp account for the application to work. No charges will be processed with the use of the promo code. Request promo code from the front desk staff for the free parking!

*Do not park in a stall that says “RESERVED”.

Any unmarked stall is available to book.

For immediate assistance with any issues using the app please call Park champ customer service at 403-700-0633

Canterra Dental Free Parking in Devon Tower

Canterra Free Parking

Canterra Dental is always accepting new patients!

Call us at (403) 237-6611 to book your appointment today!

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